[ooni-dev] OONI team progress report for January 2016

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Wed Feb 3 18:38:24 UTC 2016

# What we did in January 2016

* Merge the work done by Tyler on his version of the pipeline into our version of it.

* Progress towards finalising the ooni-explorer.
An MVP is now implemented and can be viewed at http://explorer.ooni.io/
(merge the pending PRs into master and scope of out the remaining tasks)

* Setup redundant copy of the pipeline on the humboldt server

* Start review of the ooni data formats to reflect the normalisations done in the pipeline:

* Start writing specification for the new test that should replace http_requests, dns_consistency and tcp_connect called “web_connectivity”

* Start implementing JSON support for the backend:

* Start implementing JSON support in ooni-probe:

* Start implementing the web_connectivity test helper in the backend:

* Start implementing the web_connectivity test in ooni-probe:

* Progress on measurementkit to integrate traceroute test from portolan

* Progress on measurementkit to support starting of tor

* Ran the following weekly gatherings:

# What we plan on doing in February 2016

* Continue working on the web_connectivity test

* Continue work on the web_connectivity backend

* Restore the publishing of reports in the new data-format

~ Arturo

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