[ooni-dev] tcp_connect tests sanitizing wisctorbridge02 bridge's address

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Thu Dec 15 21:24:21 UTC 2016

I mentioned this in #ooni IRC and Arturo explained what was going on.
I'm making a post so I have something to link to in code comments.

The tcp_connect nettest is now reporting reachability of Tor Browser
default bridges and directory authorities. One of these bridges,
	host: port:8080 nickname:wisctorbridge02 protocol:fte
is being sanitized in published reports (its address is removed and
replaced with its hashed fingerprint).

For example, see
There is only one line that starts with
For all the other targets, the "input" key looks something like
"fte", but for this one it is the bridge's hashed
fingerprint "626ec5e8b39dbc1d1b853529cdc80d21bf4c20e1" (which is the
correct hashed fingerprint of the wisctorbridge02 bridge).

Arturo says this is happening as an effect of the data pipeline
sanitization. For some reason, this one bridge is in the list of bridges
to be sanitized.

As a workaround, I'm looking for this hashed fingerprint and mapping it
back to the bridge's address and port in code.

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