[ooni-dev] I wish to run an OONI node

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Wed Apr 13 09:45:46 UTC 2016

Hi Virgil,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

While we currently don’t have a public release of our raspberry pi image, you can build one yourself following the instructions you find here:

When ooniprobe is installed like so it will go through the global test list (https://github.com/citizenlab/test-lists/blob/master/lists/global.csv) from citizen-lab as well as the country specific one (in your case Singapore: https://github.com/citizenlab/test-lists/blob/master/lists/sg.csv).

Since the test lists have not been updated in a while if you have some local knowledge of sites that are likely to be blocked (or that are for sure blocked) it would be very useful to add them to the test list for Singapore by opening a pull requests here: https://github.com/citizenlab/test-lists.

Let us know if you have any difficulties and how we can help you further!

~ Arturo

On Apr 13, 2016, at 07:15, Virgil Griffith <i at virgil.gr> wrote:
> I've recently discovered my condo internet is client to a large ISP that is an unusually aggressive blocker (even for Singapore).  I would like to run a mode to better measure this.  What is the protocol for doing so?  It would be ideal just plug in a machine box and forget about it (raspberry pi, whatever).  But if that doesn't exist I'm willing to put some work into this.
> -V
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