[ooni-dev] One of these people should be invited to the OONI meeting

balooni at espiv.net balooni at espiv.net
Sat Sep 12 10:59:49 UTC 2015


i at virgil.gr wrote:

> http://atlas.ripe.net/
> The idea of putting their probes (or even anchors) next to Tor relays
> and/or OONI probes seems an immensely good idea because doing this
> will yoke the interests of generic network infrastructure people with
> those of Tor and OONI.
> I'd be happy to bring them to the Tor meeting in Berlin, but they
> seem a better fit for the OONI meeting in Italy.  So I'm inclined to
> have you invite them.  Their community contacts are:
> becha at ripe.net
> mcb at ripe.net

IIRC Ripe atlas would not like to be associated with
neither Tor nor OONI. At some point they have explicitly mentioned
that they would not like to be involved in any "conflict of interests"
by their parent organization Ripe.

I will be more than happy to find out that this is not the case anymore?

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