[ooni-dev] One of these people should be invited to the OONI meeting

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Sat Sep 12 10:55:34 UTC 2015

Hi Virgil,

Thanks for reaching out about this subject.

I have spoken to Vesna (that I add to the cc of this thread in case she wants to chime in too) that runs the ripe atlas program in various occasions as to how we can in some way collaborate or join our efforts.
I think the last consensus we reached is that our efforts are both very important, though complementary.

We are always open to seeing if there are some ways to collaborate more in the future, but from what I understand the policy and governance model of ripe does not allow for the sort of data collection we are currently mainly focussing on as OONI.

That said we would be delighted to have them attend the OONI ADINA15 hackathon at the Italian parliament: https://ooni.torproject.org/adina15/

Virgil: What particular direction of collaboration did you envision?

~ Arturo

> On 12 Sep 2015, at 09:18, Virgil Griffith <i at virgil.gr> wrote:
> http://atlas.ripe.net/
> The idea of putting their probes (or even anchors) next to Tor relays and/or OONI probes seems an immensely good idea because doing this will yoke the interests of generic network infrastructure people with those of Tor and OONI.
> I'd be happy to bring them to the Tor meeting in Berlin, but they seem a better fit for the OONI meeting in Italy.  So I'm inclined to have you invite them.  Their community contacts are:
> becha at ripe.net
> mcb at ripe.net
> Tell them to bring extra probes/anchors to give out to OONI attendees.
> If for whatever reason they can't come to the Italy meeting I'll invite them to the Berlin meeting.  Not as good a fit, but better than nothing.

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