[ooni-dev] Sync github - torproject

kwadronaut kwadronaut at autistici.org
Mon Oct 19 06:50:41 UTC 2015


Pabs made me aware of the github repository being quite ahead of the one
on git.torproject.org. Having 'Source code[link] is available (GitHub
mirror[link]).' is confusing, because I didn't expect such a discrepancy.

3 possible solutions to avoid this confusion:
- have some little automatic bot pushing changes from git.torproject to
github (post-hook for example)
- write a little mail to Github, to get the same treatment as, for
example, most Apache[1] projects so they pull (twice a day) changes from
git.torproject to github
- change the wording, and make the one on git.torproject the 'mirror
which reflects the state of a foregone era'



[1] https://github.com/apache/parquet-mr

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