[ooni-dev] hadoop?

thomas lörtsch tl at rat.io
Thu Oct 1 13:50:48 UTC 2015


measurement team thinks about setting up a server with metrics data and an environment that allows everybody (everybody with a login, that is) to analyze metrics data and do crazy research with it. 
Hadoop as a well established Big Data solution seems like a good choice to base that environment on, enhanced by R and probably more stuff. The problem is that Hadoop is not in Debian stable (and doesn’t seem to get in anytime soon [1]). The only alternatives we could find are PostgreSQL and MongoDB, but MongoDB is too shoddy and PostgreSQL will likely struggle with the kind of data we intend to throw at it and won’t be fun to work with.

Ooni does use Hadoop and we’d like to know why and how. Didn’t you, like us, find any viable alternative to Hadoop that is available in Debian stable? How did you get around Hadoop not being in stable? Can you advice us to do the same or look somewhere else? (Where?)


[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Hadoop

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