[ooni-dev] M-Lab Experiment Providers Survey

Chris Ritzo critzo at opentechinstitute.org
Mon Jan 19 23:42:56 UTC 2015

Dear M-Lab Experiment Developer:

Measurement Lab is beginning an update to our documentation and web
presence. In the process we are updating contacts, and information about
each test on the platform to encourage broad, replicable research and
analysis of data collected through the M-Lab platform.

We're reaching out to you for help. You know your experiments best, and
it's a chance for us to make contact to ensure you have the most up to
date contacts for M-Lab, should you need anything from us.

Information about your experiment’s methodologies will be made available
on the M-Lab public website, to provide new researchers and others a
quick introduction to using the data generated by your experiments.
M-Lab staff will present this information to you for review prior to

Please take a moment to complete this researcher survey:

M-Lab staff are also interested in collaborating with you on new tools
we're building to provide API access to M-Lab experiments’ public data
and provide visualizations of that data for audiences beyond the
research community.

Lastly, the current M-Lab operations team at New America's Open
Technology Institute consists of Chris Ritzo, Jordan McCarthy, Nathan
Kinkade, and Steph Alarcon. We maintain a support tracker which you or
others can use by emailing support at measurementlab.net
<mailto:support at measurementlab.net>. You are likely already subscribed
to our lists but they are below if you are not:


    ops at measurementlab.net <mailto:ops at measurementlab.net>    
    Announcements and Discussion of M-Lab Operations



    discuss at measurementlab.net <mailto:discuss at measurementlab.net>    
    Public Discussion Group for Measurement Lab


Lastly, if you have specific needs you'd like to discuss with us about
your experiments or the M-Lab platform, or about this survey and
documentation initiative, please reach out to me directly, and thank you
in advance for helping us improve documentation and use of M-Lab
experiments' data.

Best regards,

Chris Ritzo

Project Manager for Measurement Lab

Open Technology Institute <http://newamerica.org/oti>at New America

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