[ooni-dev] Improving the OONI website

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Wed Apr 1 14:26:14 UTC 2015

Duncan wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I saw that the OONI website needed some love and it was one of the lower
> priority things on the roadmap, so I offered Arturo some help to get
> started on it early.

Hi Duncan,

The designs you made look great. I will give you a bit of specific
feedback on areas where I think they can be improved.

> Here's a work-in-progress design I'm experimenting with for the homepage:
> https://vtllf.org/scratch/ooni-web-b

I think this design has a slightly more "professional" feeling to it,
even though the fonts are sort of playful (sorry for my lack of context
specific language).

(Love the tab-tab come in icon :))

> (And an earlier attempt that turned out differently to what I had in mind:)
> https://vtllf.org/scratch/ooni-web-a

I find this design superior to the previous one, especially with respect
to the order in which information is presented.

What should appear on the home page should be in the order:

* A brief description of what OONI is (check)
* How OONI works (with the diagram) (check) and links to risks for
running ooniprobe and how to run it (should be re-ordered and added a
link to the risks page).
* Information on measurements that have been recently run (updated
dynamically) (check)
* List of recent blog posts (check)
* Links for how people can get involved (check)
* Friends and sponsors (check)

Perhaps the blog post section could be renamed to "recent news" and
moved higher up, though we currently don't have enough of them or recent
ones to make that important.

> Beyond just cleaning up the site visually, I think the plain-language
> descriptions of tests and the install guide are both important sections
> that I could help improve.

That would be great!

I would suggest you also look at the informed consent text here:

If you have more text to contribute that would also be of benefit to
third party software using OONI, then you should push it to the
ooni-spec repository.

> It's early days so I'm expecting lots would change after getting
> feedback from the OONI community and trying out other ideas. Just wanted
> to see if anyone would be interested in working on this together.

Do you think you could try doing the design A with the circled logo
instead of the octopus image?

You should come on IRC irc.oftc.net #ooni, so we can discuss it there
perhaps further.

Overall this looks very good and it would be great if you could keep
hacking on this.

BTW, we are working on organising a design hackfest in May, so it would
be great if we could have the site ready to launch that initiative with
the new site.

~ Arturo

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