[ooni-dev] OONI status report for August 2014

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Fri Sep 5 13:19:56 UTC 2014

# Activities of August 2014

* Released ooniprobe v1.1.0

In this new release of ooniprobe we have added a new command line tool
for listing the reports that have not been published to a collector and
that allows the probe operator to choose which ones they would like to

We have also made some privacy improvements to the reports (we will
sanitize all things that may look like file paths) and added metadata
associated with the maxmind database being used by the probe operator.

For a more detailed list of bugs fixes and improvements see the
changelog entry for version 1.1.0:


* Implement checks to ensure the ooniprobe config file is correct:

* Publish a list of reports collected by ooniprobe so far. This list is
available at the following addresses:
https://ooni.torproject.org/reports/0.1/reports.yaml (in YAML format)
and https://ooni.torproject.org/reports/0.1/reports.json (in JSON format)


* Implement tool for generating ooniprobe decks and inputs for the
country of the probe operator.

* Work on bridge reachability project by setting up a dedicated
collector for the project and a control probe from a known good location.
The VPS used for this project is kindly sponsored by GreenHost.

* The Least Authority release engineering work has been completed and
ooni is now ready to be deployed on M-Lab! If all goes well this will be
ultimated during the month of September.

# Activities for September 2014

* Attend the OTF summit in DC

* Make bouncer and client aware of policies:

* Deploy HTTP Header Field Manipulation test on M-Lab production slices:

* Prepare an announcement detailing the deployment of ooniprobe on M-Lab.

* Get two boxes that are modern for running the bridge reachability tests:

That's all folks,

Have fun,

~ Art.

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