[ooni-dev] Ooni Audit Kickoff Meeting

Nathan Wilcox nathan at leastauthority.com
Mon Mar 10 16:40:15 UTC 2014

Hello world.  The proposed meeting starts in a little under 20 minutes.

I've created a Google Hangout at this URL:


I have some further detail inline below:

On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 4:08 PM, Nathan Wilcox <nathan at leastauthority.com>wrote:

> Let's have a realtime meeting to discuss how Least Authority should focus
> our remaining time for our security audit work.
> Before we have this meeting we need to find a time that works for
> everyone, to make sure we have the right invite list, and to gather agenda
> item requests.
> I propose we meet a week from today on 2013-03-10 at 17:00 UTC+0 for 45
> minutes.  Please let me know if this time works for you.
I've only heard from Will Hawkins at M-Lab to say he probably cannot make
it, and my fellow Least Authoritarians.  If no one else shows up 10 minutes
after the hour, I will cancel the meeting and propose another time slot.

> If you know someone who should attend the meeting, please forward this and
> cc me.  If you receive this by dint of being on one of the cc'd lists,
> please let me know if you want your address explicitly included in future
> email.
> The agenda I envision looks something like:
> 1. Introduce people to each other (there are some new faces) - 5 min.
> 2. Nathan describes Least Authority's schedule - 5 min.
> 3. Nathan summarizes Least Authority's previous work with Ooni and links
> to it - 5 min.
> 4. We go around the virtual table mentioning any focuses or concerns we
> want to bring up for the audit - 20 min.
> 5. Nathan summarizes any followup tasks with specific owners that came out
> of the meeting - 5 min.
I believe the most time-sensitive agenda item for Least Authority is to
schedule pairing time with Arturo or any other Ooni and/or M-Lab engineers
to ensure that:

a. We can install a local environment that's very similar to the M-Lab test
environment, and/or:

b. We can examine the M-Lab test environment (such as by having shell
access, the ability to restart daemons, read log files, etc...)

Either of these should be sufficient for our audit.  So, the one thing I'd
like to come away with from this meeting is to schedule a pairing time,
preferably this week.  This could just be done through IRC or any other
realtime means.

> Feel free to propose changes to this agenda, or to bring up specific items
> for step 4 if you want to ensure they have adequate time.
> Nathan Wilcox
> Least Authoritarian

Nathan Wilcox
Least Authoritarian
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