[ooni-dev] Detecting which Test Helpers are Running

Taylor Hornby taylor at leastauthority.com
Thu Jul 24 20:55:34 UTC 2014


We are working on scripts to create the Ooni bouncer configuration from
multiple instances of Ooni running on M-Lab slices. So far, we have two
scripts. One, which collects the portion of the bouncer.yaml out of an
Ooni slice, and another script, which combines all of the parts into a
single bouncer.yaml:



One thing we would like the "getconfig.py" script to do is to
dynamically determine which Test Helpers are enabled on the slice. I'm
not sure how to do this, because the oonib.conf always contains entries
for all the test helpers. So my question is this: How can we determine
which Test Helpers are enabled by examining the oonib.conf or other files?

Or, is this question misguided? Are *all* test helpers supposed to be in
the bouncer.yaml file, even ones which are not running, and we don't
want to have running?

(For the first M-Lab deployment, there will be only one Test Helper, the
http-return-headers one, so we could hard-code that one into the script,
but we would like to make this script keep working when new tests are

Taylor Hornby

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