[ooni-dev] Least Authority's Ooni Work is Complete

Taylor Hornby taylor at leastauthority.com
Fri Aug 29 17:34:21 UTC 2014

Hi OTF, Ooni, and M-Lab,

Our work on Milestone E resulted in detailed integration test
instructions being added to the ooni-support README:


We ran through the integration testing steps many times. We identified
some issues and either fixed or documented each one.

We re-defined Milestone F as a timebox to help M-Lab engineers finish
the mlab-ns integration. They made great progress. The pipeline from the
Ooni collector to the Ooni bouncer, through mlab-ns, is nearly complete.
There's only one issue left, an encoding problem, which is blocked on
M-Lab engineering effort. Hopefully that issue will be fixed by the end
of today -- when our timebox runs out -- so we get to see the whole
thing working.

After that, it will be up to Ooni and M-Lab to agree about who will be
hosting the bouncer, and then M-Lab can start collecting data.

Most of our work on Milestone F is documented in these tickets:



Or, more specifically,


If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.
Taylor Hornby

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