[ooni-dev] I just deleted /home/mlab_ooni on mlab2.nuq0t. :(

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Mon Aug 25 21:01:41 UTC 2014

Just posting here so to keep everyone in the loop.

No worries :)

I had a backup of the keys of the collector and bouncer keys running on
the node so everything has been now restored from such backup.

Collector and bouncer are now operational.

~ Art.

On 8/25/14, 9:17 PM, Taylor Hornby wrote:
> Hi Ooni and M-Lab,
> I just accidentally ran slicebuild.sh on mlab2.nuq0t, which deleted
> everything in /home/mlab_ooni. I intended to run it on mlab1, but I
> copied and pasted the wrong SSH command, and didn't realize I was on the
> wrong server until I tried to SCP the rpm off of it.
> I'm REALLY sorry about this. If I recall correctly, Arturo had mlab2
> running an instance of ooni-backend for testing or development. Please
> let me know what was on there and I'll work on my own time to get it
> back to the way it was. I hope no important experiment data was deleted. :(
> Sorry,

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