[ooni-dev] An Update and The Remaining "M-Lab" Tickets

Taylor Hornby taylor at leastauthority.com
Wed Aug 20 16:45:35 UTC 2014

Hi M-Lab and Ooni,

It looks like Least Authority's work on Ooni and M-Lab integration is
nearing completion. In the past weeks, the M-Lab engineers have worked
very quickly to get the necessary changes to mlab-ns and the Nagios
pipeline done. I'm personally really excited to see the first test
deployment against the real mlab-ns!

As we were working through our milestones, we sought to avoid blocking,
so we stepped over a few small tasks that would involve waiting on
M-Lab. These are all tagged with the "M-Lab" label in the issue tracker:


Someone from M-Lab (and possibly Ooni) should take a look over them
before any serious deployment begins.

The most significant outstanding issue is deciding where the Ooni
Bouncer is going to be hosted: On an M-Lab sliver, or by The Tor
Project? We designed the mlab-ns integration to be compatible with
either option.


So that's that! I'll be around until the end of the month to answer any
questions about our work, and to help with the Nagios integration if needed.

Taylor Hornby

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