[ooni-dev] Ooni / M-Lab end-to-end integration testing document.

Nathan Wilcox nathan at leastauthority.com
Thu Aug 7 21:54:30 UTC 2014

Hi all,

We've completed another milestone in our Ooni deployment work and
there's now a section in the README.md for end-to-end integration
testing (see below).

The remaining bits of our agreed upon vision for Ooni deployment on
M-Lab is integration with mlab-ns.  The current codebase has a fully
functional (though not secure!) "simulator" based deployment which
serves as a proof of concept and strawman deployment for testing.  It
looks like Will is pushing through a few key changes to mlab-ns
itself, so we're quite close to a fully integrated deployment.

Our final milestone will focus on ensuring these different pieces come
together, so you'll here from us as soon as that's ready.


Link / pull request overview

The README test section (this is currently only in our fork / pull request):


The pull request link is here (and combines our mlab-ns-simulator
changes from our previous milestone):


The primary ticket for tracking this documentation is now closed:


We also have been doing a bit of testing and prep-work for integration
with the mlab-ns changes Will is working on, such as mentioned here:


We ran across some new issues and closed some old issues while working
through this procedure:

https://github.com/m-lab-tools/ooni-support/issues/62 - This is a
minor issue in our simulator start/stop scripts which won't matter
once full mlab-ns deployment is in place.

These are several closed tickets along the way:




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