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isis agora lovecruft isis at torproject.org
Thu Jun 27 00:03:19 UTC 2013

Nathan Wilcox transcribed 4.1K bytes:
> I just want to clarify: We all plan to have the weekly meetings on
> Mondays from 15:30 - 17:00 UTC, correct?

Yep. That should be set, including timezone, in that link, so if you use the
'Display events in my timezone' (something like that) setting in Google
Calendar, it should change it (I think?) to when it actually is for you.

I wish the entire world was UTC, it would make everything so much easier.

> > Tempted to say hello to the NSA here, but I'll leave my trolling out of
> > it. Let me know if I should tone down or remove some of the Googly automagics.
> >
> I personally embrace the Deal-With-The-Devil Convenience.  I'm also
> open to learning about other betterer group calendering applications.

If you're okay with running a LAMP stack, there is owncloud (still beta-ish)
[0], which you can play with a demo of here [1]. It has a calendar that seems
nearly as good as Google's. 

I spent 6 months dealing with the somewhat hell of trying to use cadaver and
gcalcli, to keep three calendar servers in sync -- so I've wanted a personal
calendar server with a web interface for a while… I just don't think I'm
willing to switch from lighttpd to Apache+PHP. :/

[0]: http://packages.debian.org/sid/main/owncloud
[1]: http://owncloud.org/

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