[ooni-dev] Team Meeting: 2003-06-24 0900 PDT [be in #ooni 10 mins early]

Nathan Wilcox nathan at leastauthority.com
Wed Jun 26 17:43:39 UTC 2013

On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 8:40 PM, isis agora lovecruft
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>> Hello fine folks,
>> On Monday, we will once again meet in a hangout at 0900 to discuss the
>> future of network measurement, and our contribution thereto.
>> Especially if you had any difficulty joining last week, I entreat you
>> to be in #ooni at 0850 so that we can try to get up to code and
>> properly grounded before 0900.
>> Here's my proposal for an agenda. If you have suggestions for
>> additions or subtractions let's wrangle by email, but not not at 0830
>> on Monday.
>> 0900 Convene: how are folks feeling, how's it going.
>> 0910 Report: core team, what did you do this week, and what are you planning?
>> 0940 Assess: how close are we to our nearest deliverable, what does
>> each of us have to do to get there?
>> 1000 Adjourn
>> No homework this week. Enjoy your weekend!
> I made a Google Calendar event for this which is repeating, is public, allows
> adding/inviting guests, and (I think? Not really sure how to use the Googles)
> since there is a video call attached to it and an alarm, that the following
> will automatically occur:
> 0825 PST / 1525 UTC / 1725 CEST Reminder: popup on whatever (if any) device
>                                 with an attached Google account that has been
>                                 configured to accept reminder notifications.
> 0830 PST / 1530 UTC / 1730 CEST It should automagically video call anyone
>                                 confirmed on the guest list (not exactly sure
>                                 how/if this works).
> I have a rather frightening looking link, as well, which claims it will
> "automatically add this event to your Google Calendar":
> https://www.google.com/calendar/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=Mm8yNG51bmhjaHUzcGt1MjBmbTA0bmwyaXNfMjAxMzA2MjRUMTUzMDAwWiBycGZzMnExbTY5NHNnaDM3bzFqcjg5M3N0Y0Bn&tmsrc=rpfs2q1m694sgh37o1jr893stc%40group.calendar.google.com

Thanks for creating this link.  I am calendrically challenged, so when
I can click and see a little box appear in my calendar I feel the warm
safety (drag-) net of Google Goo caressing my atrophying privacy

I just want to clarify: We all plan to have the weekly meetings on
Mondays from 15:30 - 17:00 UTC, correct?

> Tempted to say hello to the NSA here, but I'll leave my trolling out of
> it. Let me know if I should tone down or remove some of the Googly automagics.

I personally embrace the Deal-With-The-Devil Convenience.  I'm also
open to learning about other betterer group calendering applications.

> Tom, Aaron, Arturo, and Jake, I've already invited you, whatever that means.
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