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Sun Jun 23 10:16:12 UTC 2013

On Sun, Jun 23, 2013 at 12:15 AM, isis agora lovecruft
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> Our code, from what I understand, though I have never worked with
> Transifex or
> any of these other translation services, is not particularly well-suited to
> translation.

Could you clarify or provide an example of a project that is well-suited to

> First question, at what point/release is OONI going to aim for for having
> translations available?

We have not set a target for translations of OONI.

> Going with the "usual" route of having a strings.py seems like it wouldn't
> work for OONI, do to the number of merge conflicts it would create (i.e.
> if I
> work on a nettest, and Aaron does some work on the director, and we both
> change strings.py, then the merge might not work cleanly). Are there any
> other
> opinions or ideas on the cleanest way to get ready for translations?

Do you mean, translations of user-facing interfaces? Or all code
documentation? Or OONI specification? Or OONI debug log messages?

We have a lot of translation tasks. Which should take priority?

> We could have an ooni.strings submodule, and stick per file things in
> there,
> like director_str.py, etc. Thoughts?

I don't think I understand. What about using gettext and babel? You can
extract strings from python source and templates directly, and these tools
integrate with transifex.


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