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Wed Jun 19 18:47:53 UTC 2013

On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 5:26 AM, isis agora lovecruft
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> > I intend to meet in the pixellated video realm that is Google
> > Hangouts.
> Hey everyone,
> It seemed like I wasn't the only cause for delay, but since I contributed:
> apologies!
> It was really good to hear/see everyone, are there plans to be make this a
> weekly occurrence? (Not that I *like* the NSA seeing me on camera when I've
> just woken up, but I don't know of any open source, secure, video chat
> services that actually work.)
Yes, one of the takeaways from the Berlin meeting is that we will do weekly
(open) Google Hangout meetings.
If we come up with a better solution we can try to agree to use that
instead :)

> > 0910: Berlin takeaways: what's on your plate that isn't captured on
> Github?

There's a lot, and Tom is producing a document so I'd rather not replicate
his efforts here. All of the major items for the 1.0 release should be
captured, however.

> We did a lot of ticket triage, and not much discussion of this, which is
> fair
> because Jake had to take off early.

I thought ticket triage was probably rather uninteresting to the majority
of people on the call, but we did knock out 20+ tickets in less than 30
minutes. Woo! If you think a ticket was closed in error you can always
comment and re-open the ticket.

> I'm still a bit confused. I was under the very strong impression that
> someone
> (honestly couldn't figure out who) *really* didn't want me to work on
> OONI, so
> I started preparing other things to work on. From the way things were
> discussed in the call, it seemed that it is expected that I *will* be
> working
> on OONI -- which just makes me more confused.

I believe that anyone should be welcome to contribute to any Tor project.
The confusion (from my perspective) is regarding expectations of
availability, latency, and coordination between people working on the
project. Arturo and I observed that Jake and your contributions were
somewhat sparse and asked Tom to talk to you both so that we could figure
out what your intent was and what our expectations should be. My
observation was that both you and Jake have several other projects that you
are actively involved in and were consuming more time and energy than

I thought I'd done something so horribly wrong that no one even wanted to
> tell
> me what I did. (Enter sneaky paranoia spiral.) It's not productive, nor
> healthy, for me to be burning cycles trying to figure out whether my help
> is
> wanted. If anyone hates my guts, please, please just say it and save my
> time.
> Or, if I am being way too paranoid, and I've totally interpreted this the
> wrong way, feel free to say that too.

No one (here) hates you Isis. I think the big problem was that the task of
coordinating 4 part-time developers in mostly different parts of the world
failed without a champion, and there were frustrations with communications
latency and reachability that made people grumpy and less enthusiastic
working with each other.

> tl;dr: You all should say whatever you want to me, whenever. It will be way
> less annoying than trying to figure out who thinks what and why.
> Not to end on a negative note, it really was good to talk to everyone.
> > That's all for now. I'll see all your gorgeous smiling faces on Monday.

+1 if you wear a *pirate* eye patch :)

> Thanks for organising and facilitating, Tom!
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