[ooni-dev] Team Meeting: 2003-06-17 0900 PDT [be in #ooni 10 mins early]

Tom Lowenthal me at tomlowenthal.com
Fri Jun 14 12:51:42 UTC 2013

Hello hello hello fantastic Ooni folks. Get ready for a precociously
productive meeting on Monday.

# Time

This Monday is our first team meeting since the Berlin intensive
face-to-face. It's at 9am on the West coast, 10am in the mountains,
noon on the East coast, 5pm in the UK, and 6pm in Europe central. If
you're planning on coming and I haven't listed your time zone, let me
know to include it in future reminders. The meeting is open to all who
wish to observe or listen productively.

# Venue

I intend to meet in the pixellated video realm that is Google
Hangouts. My gmail address is flamsmark at gmail.com, and you're totally
welcome (and encouraged) to try getting in touch with me and testing
your video capabilities before the call. If Hangouts will *not* work
for you on Monday, reply to this email, and I'll promulgate an
alternative meeting venue, likely Uberconference.

I anticipate that there may be a few technical hiccups with this new
and uncharted technology, so please be in #ooni on OFTC *ten minutes*
before we start so that we can set up before the meeting and start on

# Schedule

My proposed tentative schedule for this meeting goes a little like
this. I invite you to help me wrangle it by email, but not right
before we start on Monday.

0900: Check in: how's everyone doing?
0910: Berlin takeaways: what's on your plate that isn't captured on Github?
0940: Triage upstream: collaboratively move items from Trac to Github.
1010: Week in profile: what things are you planning to get done this week?
1025: Parting thoughts.
1030: Adjourn.

# Tasks

In order to have a useful and productive session, here are some things
that everyone should do before 9am on Monday:

1. Decompress. Travel is tough; come out of the weekend refreshed.
2. Read the agenda. Reply if you have suggestions.
3. Prepare your Hangouts. Make sure we can actually connect on Monday.
4. Review the Ooni tickets on Trac. They're all listed at <http://j.mp/153kpDN>.

* * * * *

That's all for now. I'll see all your gorgeous smiling faces on Monday.

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