[ooni-dev] Team Meeting: 2013-07-15 0900 Pacific

Nathan Wilcox nathan at leastauthority.com
Sat Jul 13 21:21:09 UTC 2013

On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 5:50 PM, Tom Lowenthal <me at tomlowenthal.com> wrote:
> Hello beautiful shiny (mostly) human people. You know what's coming:
> it's a meeting agenda.
> But wait: there's more! This week, we have the lovely beauty of a
> Milestone; let's talk about that!
> 0900 Convene: how are folks feeling, how's it going?
> 0905 Report: core team, what did you do this week, and what are you planning?
> 0920 Assess: how close are we to being fully specified; what does each
> of us have to do to get there?
> 0935 Plan: how do we go from fully specified to feature complete?
> 0955 Prospective: What Ooni-stuff will be done this week?
> 1010 Adjourn
> See y'all Monday!
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Whoops...  I could have done two things better: follow up with Tom
after last week's meeting as it relates to this week's agenda, and
notice and respond the agenda discrepancy sooner (like within a few
hours of Tom's email).

So, given that it's the weekend before the meeting, I propose we stick
with the schedule above.  Meanwhile, here's the background and agenda

Here's some background:

At our last meeting, I gave an overview of the threat model which took
about 45 minutes if I recall correctly.  At that point, the threat
model was missing three pieces:

1. Describing the responsibilities, reliance assumptions, and risks
for each role.
2. Updating the use cases page to restate each part in terms of which
roles do what.
3. Creating an "architecture overview" which ties together the spec to
the threat model.

We decided that 1 and 2 should be complete by the end of "Fully
Specified" milestone, but that part 3 could wait until a later

After the presentation, I suggested I could give an overview of 1 and
2 after finishing them, and that is not in the agenda.  If we want to
fudge the agenda a bit, I think I can give a 5 or 10 minute update.
In fact, I could do a 5 minute sumary as part of the "Assess" stage.

Otherwise, we can just review those docs asynchronously and track
their progress/issues with github.  How does that sound?

BTW- I still have not completed 1 or 2 as of yet.  I had planned to
work on them today and tomorrow, so if you watch them over the weekend
you'll see lots of edits.  Hit refresh a often!

Nathan Wilcox
Least Authoritarian

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