[ooni-dev] Team Meeting: 2003-07-08 1800 CET

Meredith Whittaker meredithrachel at google.com
Mon Jul 8 15:37:14 UTC 2013

Thank you, Arturo!

I will be there for the first hour, but I can't be there for the second,
since I have a meeting overlapping.

Nathan, Daira, maybe I can catch up with you in email for a recap?


On Mon, Jul 8, 2013 at 11:33 AM, Arturo Filastò <art at torproject.org> wrote:

> Since no meeting schedule was posted for this weeks meeting I am going to
> propose the following schedule for this weeks meeting.
> It's mainly a copy-pasta job from the excellent schedule Tom has been
> proposing us every week.
> The main addition we have this week is a special presentation by the Least
> Authority team on the OONI threat model. This will make the meeting last 1
> hour more than usual.
> Here we go:
> 18:00 Convene: how are folks feeling, how's it going?
> 18:05 Report: core team, what did you do this week, and what are you
> planning?
> 18:20 Assess: how close are we to our nearest deliverable, what does each
> of us have to do to get there?
> 18:35 Dependencies: Is there anything that you {will|do} need from someone
> else?
> 18:55 Prospective: What Ooni-stuff will be done this week?
> 19:10 The Least Authority Team will do a presentation on the OONI threat
> model they have been working on.
> 20:10 Adjourn
> If you have comments, suggestions and such feel free to reply.
> ~ Art.
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