[ooni-dev] Notes from meeting today

Aaron aagbsn at torproject.org
Mon Jul 1 16:58:11 UTC 2013

Present in call:

  Tom, Aaron, Arturo, Johannes

What we have worked on this week:

  Arturo worked on twisted socks client support and NetTest specification
  Aaron worked on specification and implementation of the test deck and
test input api for ooni-probe and ooni-backend (117, 115, 109).

Are there any items blocking?

  No blocking items were raised.

Are we on track to make the first milestone (Fully Specified)

  Aaron and Arturo say yes.

What are we working on this week:

  Aaron and Arturo will be working on issues 115, 117, 91, and 90 this week.

Issues that we discussed on the call:

  Tom states that collector policy implementation (issue 109) is not part
of the feature complete milestone and instead
  should be in future versions. Aaron and Arturo believe that collector
policy was a blocking issue for MLAB deployment
  as discussed at the Berlin meeting. We would like to request feedback
from MLAB on this point.

  Arturo asked for clarification on issue 107 (do we need to specify each
unit test?)
  The resolution was that the unit test spec should be replaced with a code
coverage report as per Nathan's suggestion.
  Johannes suggests coveralls.io which writes a code coverage report into
the README.md.

  We discussed alternatives to using Google Hangout for our weekly meetings
  Johannes suggests: Mumble.
  Tom suggests: phones.
  Can we expose a phone number for call ins into the Google chat? No, but
it can dial out worldwide (US and Canada free).
  Aaron Tom and Arturo agree that video chat is nice.
  Mumble now has a voice-activation feature and Johannes has a mumble
server that we can use.
  Google Hangout has some issues on Johannes computer (system load > 4).
  We agree that the four of us cannot reach a consensus without others
present and will take this discussion to the mailing list.

See you all next week!

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