[ooni-dev] OONI Weekly meeting August 12 2013

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Mon Aug 12 21:12:45 UTC 2013

This weeks meeting got skipped because there was not a big presence and there were not burning issues to require a call.

Instead some small discussion of what is to be done and will be done happened on IRC.

Here is the log:

17:58 < waaaaargh> hey folks! I'm afraid I can't join with video today.
18:01 < waaaaargh> my laptop display went completely dark yesterday and my new one doesn't have a webcam.

18:24 -!- MightyOctopus [~MightyOct at] has joined #ooni
18:24 < MightyOctopus> EvilGenius/task/refactor 35cadaa Johannes Fürmann: remove unnecessary method
18:24 < MightyOctopus> EvilGenius/task/refactor 52cca87 Johannes Fürmann: replace some print statement with print function calls.
18:24 -!- MightyOctopus [~MightyOct at] has left #ooni []

19:20 < hellais> is the meeting on today?
19:20 < hellais> StrangeCharm: ping?
19:21 < hellais> I don't think a schedule was sent to the ml
19:21 < hellais> I have been, as I said last week, with globaleaks stuff so I don't have that much to report back on, apart from having reviewed the questions by stepehn
19:23 < StrangeCharm> hellais: im rather on vacation
19:24 < StrangeCharm> I think it productive for you to corral a meeting, but its up to you.

19:47 < mer_> Hey OONI, it's Mer
19:47 < mer_> how's the meeting looking?
19:50 < nejucomo> mer_: Here's a transcript from this channel: http://0bin.net/paste/vXLErDOZx84Bg7X+#3ASX01wQcRXmB/Icj4KyKL0UejIRPB6EuX2gK34E2PA=
19:51 < nejucomo> It sounds tenuous.  hellais, what do you think?

19:52 < j_vinegar> mmm
19:53 < j_vinegar> I was here in case a sudden meeting happened, but it seems not the case
19:53 < mer_> definite tenuous vibes
19:53 < mer_> I am in favor of a meeting, for the record/transcript
19:53 < mer_> but a meeting requires some Tor involvement
19:54 < mer_> so I guess the question is, @hellais @aagbsn, how you feeling?
19:55 < j_vinegar> hellais provided already a succint report <grin>
19:56 < hellais> I would be up for a meeting, but I don't have much to say beyond what I said here above
19:56 < hellais> if soltesz2 has some burning questions I am very happy to answer them in a hangout
19:57 < hellais> but if that is not needed or we can do it offline I am up for skipping the meeting
19:57 < hellais> aagbsn told me he was going to be working on the url input list and oonib policy implementation this weeksend
19:57 < hellais> *weekend
19:57 < hellais> but I have not heard any updates from him about that yet
19:58 < hellais> if he is online I would be interested in hearing that
20:01 < soltesz2> hi hellais I do not have any burning questions right now.  but look forward to hearing more about aagbsn's work on the policy implementation when it's ready to
                  be discussed.
20:03 < hellais> cool
20:04 < hellais> I would suggest we copy and paste this transcript into the ooni-dev mailing list
20:04 < hellais> is that ok?

~ Art.

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