[network-health] AquaRayTerminus is failing to relay exit traffic

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Sat Jan 25 06:43:54 UTC 2020

Remi Gacogne:
> Hi Georg,
> On 1/23/20 4:21 PM, Georg Koppen wrote:
>> Your relay AquaRayTerminus[1] seems to fail relaying exit traffic
>> according to our measurements. We ran tests from different vantage
>> points and it was not possible in 10/10 cases to reach
>> https://example.com. Could you please look into that and resolve the
>> issue on your end?
>> Our overall runs and results are available on Github.[2] Please let us
>> know if you have further questions and when the problem is resolved on
>> your side.
> This should be fixed now. We had a DNSSEC validation issue for this
> domain, due to a MTU issue somewhere along the way between the NS for
> example.com and our recursive servers (DNSKEY answers were lost over
> UDP, leading to DNSSEC validation failure).
> I would suggest trying with an additional non DNSSEC-signed domain to be
> able to differentiate various kinds of issues, although I completely
> agree that exit nodes should handle DNSSEC-signed domains gracefully.

Yes, that's a good idea and I'll tweak our script accordingly.

> Thank you for running these measurements of the Tor exit nodes!

You are welcome!


> Best regards,
> Remi

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