[metrics-team] Blog post about contributing to the Tor metrics timeline

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Thu Feb 25 16:18:30 UTC 2021

On Thu, Feb 25, 2021 at 06:02:37AM -0500, isabela wrote:
> On 2/23/21 4:21 PM, Gaba wrote:
> > - Is is all right to recommend that people contact the metrics team if
> >   they have trouble registering an account or using Git? Or should that
> >   go to support?
> I think it should go to support since we don't have anyone yet on the
> metrics team (we are in the hiring process at the moment).
> I believe that Gaba can give you the right place to ask for gitlab support.

I edited the post to point to

> Ahh, and I am not sure if you would like to add the anonymous ticket
> creation system that Maria did and presented at her demo yesterday:
> https://blog.torproject.org/anonymous-gitlab

I considered that, but I wasn't sure I wanted the added work of checking
a queue of anonymous issues. If someone else wants to take
responsibility for it, I don't have a problem with enabling anonticket
for metrics-timeline. I also want to encourage structured merge requests
over unstructured issues, because it can take a lot of manual work if
the information in the issue is not complete.

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