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Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Thu Nov 14 09:06:11 UTC 2019


two weeks ago at our weekly meeting I said I'd update our team wiki page
and move old stuff to subpages.

Yesterday I finally started looking at our various wiki pages. I found
so much outdated and obsolete stuff on these pages that it's hard to
find a good first place to start. I think we'll have to do this in
several steps where we throw out the least useful stuff now and accept
that more clean-up work remains after that.

Rather than making these changes directly I figure I'd first outline and
discuss changes here:

 - Edit Overview and remove that sentence about other teams, which isn't
accurate anymore and which is not something we should maintain.
 - Replace Releases and Milestones by a ticket query for tickets
starting with "Release ..." in Metrics/* components plus links to
dist.tp.o subdirectories. The goal would be to take out any manual steps
to keep this part updated.
 - Move roadmaps other than the current one to a new subpage

 - Delete this page, because it's outdated and nothing we're going to
maintain in the future.

 - Delete this page, because it's outdated and nothing we're going to
maintain in the future.

 - Delete this page, because we're not using the internal Java signing
stuff anymore.

 - Delete this page, because the CollecTor steps are mostly outdated and
will eventually be replaced by a similar document as the one we have for

 - Delete this page for the same reason as TorInternalOperation.

 - Delete this page, because keeping it maintained would involve yet
another step in the release process.

 - Delete this page, because it doesn't contain much information.

Is there a strong preference to move these pages into an attic folder of
some sort? Otherwise I'd just delete them as suggested.

All the best,

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