[metrics-team] onionoo: missing AS data threshold

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Sat Mar 24 12:59:00 UTC 2018

Since my comparison took place relatively shortly after Maxmind data got released,
it was expected that over time the number of relays with missing AS data will increase.

Since a new organization (with a relatively new AS) added a few relays we are now at >10 relays without AS
data again and this number will rise over time until the next Maxmind db is released and deployed.

I have a (relatively low) threshold for what amount of AS-less relays is
acceptable for my use-cases. I'm wondering if others do have a threshold as well?

reducing the number of AS-less relays could happen
- at onionoo level (for onionoo clients):
there have been onionoo tickets about this in the past (#19437,#19420),
so I'm not suggesting that ;)

- at RS level:
if onionoo does not provide any data for the AS number/name fields
RS could link "unknown" to RIPE using the primary OR IP as parameter
(or even make the browser call that API? I don't know if their API terms allows that though)


This is just an idea for you if you like it someone can create a ticket for it.


twitter: @nusenu_

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