[metrics-team] RS url for list of FPs

Iain Learmonth irl at torproject.org
Wed Mar 7 05:28:23 UTC 2018

Hi nusenu,

On 06/03/18 16:14, nusenu wrote:
> does RS support a URL containing a list of relay fingerprints and RS
> shows them in the search results table overiew style?

Not currently. All the properties in the search are joined by an AND,
where this would require an OR.

In theory this wouldn't be too difficult to implement as it would just
mean to make multiple queries and then concatenate the results removing
any duplicates.

This would probably also mean working out a safe character that could be
used to delimit the separate queries that wouldn't interfere with any
later implementation of OR in Onionoo.

I probably wouldn't have time to do this this month but do create a
ticket if it's something that would be useful.


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