[metrics-team] Bringing back Tor Weather - volunteering developer

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as you have probably already heard we have a motivated relay operator
and developer (Eran in CC) who would like to help with bringing back Tor Weather (among other things)
- which has previously been discontinued due to missing maintainership.

For this reason I also specifically asked him if he would like to maintain this on the long run
and he is open for that as well - but I'll let him speak for himself.

Historically the Tor Weather service has been part of the metrics team and last year I spotted
it on your roadmap, so I think it is best to coordinate the efforts to avoid
duplication of work and the efficient use of developer resources.

Unlike other metrics services the Weather service is somewhat special since it (probably) handles non-public subscriber
data, that - I would assume - the tor project should protect against unauthorized access.
I can also envision a solution to this problem by only using ContactInfo data,
which would create a very strong incentive to actually set a proper string there.

Colin also mentioned that he was already in contact with you about the Tor Weather topic.

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