[metrics-team] collector bridge IP:port masking code issue?

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Fri Oct 20 19:19:00 UTC 2017


as you are probably aware some researchers published a list with >2k
bridge IPs with ports.

In the paper titled:
> Preliminary Results on TOR Routing Protocol
> Statistical and Combinatorial Analysis
by √Čric Filiol, Maxence Delong, and Nicolas J.

they write:

> To ensure anonymity of bridges, all informations about
> bridges in several files are obfuscated. In those files: data are changed, the real
> IP address is changed into a 10/8 format, the real port and the fingerprint are
> changed to keep anonymity of these special nodes.
> To find a match between those files and the bridges we have extracted, we
> have studied the source code of TOR and written a small program which con-
> verts the fingerprint into the hashed fingerprint. The hashed fingerprint is a
> simple SHA-1 hash of the fingerprint but format issues appeared during the
> implementation.
> The fingerprint is a 20-byte hexadecimal string which is then converted into
> a char string. Then SHA-1 is applied and the hashed fingerprint is converted
> again in hexadecimal. At first, we have collected different files like consensus
> file regularly to get a list of hashed fingerprints. Automated bridge extractionenabled to have the real IP address and the real port as well as the fingerprint.

when I read about that 10/8 IP I had to think about collector data.

Have you been contacted by them? Can you make sense of the above?


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