[metrics-team] requesting traffic data per day per country

Alexei Abrahams alexeia at princeton.edu
Thu Aug 3 14:12:12 UTC 2017

Dear Tor Metrics Team,
I am a political economy researcher at Princeton University and I just started looking at your Tor metrics data. I am wondering if you are willing to post data on the amount of traffic handled by relays/bridges per country per day. At this link https://metrics.torproject.org/networksize.html I can download a csv file recording the number of active relays/bridges per country per day. But I cannot tell how much traffic volume is being handled by those relays/bridges per country per day. The traffic data csv at https://metrics.torproject.org/bandwidth.html reports traffic per day **but not per country**. Without these data I cannot draw network bubble maps like you have drawn (https://metrics.torproject.org/bubbles.html#country). I believe these data would be helpful to me in my research. I am happy to provide further details if desired.

Many thanks in advance for your assistance. I am a big fan of the Tor project! :)
Alexei Abrahams
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