[metrics-team] onionoo search semantics: AND vs. OR?

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Sat Apr 22 23:01:00 UTC 2017


(trying to find a stop-gap solution for

from onionoo.tpo:
> search
> Return only (1) relays with the parameter value matching (part of a) 
> nickname, (possibly $-prefixed) [...]
> If multiple search terms are given, separated by spaces, the
> **intersection** of all relays and bridges matching all search terms
> will be returned.

Karsten wrote
> You could approximate the second example by using
> search=contact:Neel%20contact:Chauhan, but that will also return all
> relays that have those **two** strings somewhere in the contact line,
> rather than just Neel Chauhan.

So I would assume that

should only return relays where the contact field contains "Neel"
**and** "Chauhan" but it also returns relays that have only "Neel" (and
no "Chauhan"), so I would deduce that search terms are OR connected.

example contact result:
"<neel AT rdkr DOT uk> 0xBBC1514B34CFB0F10231280F2FC36F0EF7887127"

If search terms are OR connected (not the "intersection")
then I would simply list all the fingerprints to get a list of all
relevant relays, but that does not work either (no results)
example (2 fingerprints separated by a single space):
Also tried:

In this search, the search terms are AND connected:


So I'm not sure
- if the current behavior works as documented and intended
- How to get a stop-gap solution without false-positives/false-negative
search results

Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding something?
(or does the AND/OR mode depend on whether search qualifiers are used?)



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