[metrics-team] Atlas: discussion on color scheme for relay icons after todays change

nusenu nusenu at openmailbox.org
Sun Apr 16 16:33:00 UTC 2017


first: thanks for working on atlas again!
I really like RaBe's online indicator that has been deployed today.

I'm starting this here since it is more a discussion than a bug/feature
request, but if you want me to move this to trac please say so.

I was very happy after my atlas feature request for the UI of the "not
recommended" flag got implemented [1].

Today this got partially reverted by replacing the red "not recommended"
with the black icon - which is a lot harder to spot than the icon we had
until today [2]

Reasoning given:

> By moving this icon to its own column in #21635, I think it's quite
> noticeable even in black :) We don't want the red = bad =
> blacklisting thing we talked about starting in comment:11...

Since I'm the author of comment:11 and I had no intention in making the
red icon black (and also teor preferred the red icon), I'm wondering
what is the reasoning behind this change, because I find it a lot harder
to spot the black "not recommended" icon in a long list of relays (when
compared with the red icon).

Why is "red = bad" (and green = good, black = neutral) not good?
(the upcoming 'v6' could be green)



old red icon:
new black icon:


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