[metrics-team] Looking for information on the number of Tor Browser downloads per language

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Tue Jul 26 14:05:37 UTC 2016

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On 26/07/16 01:04, isabela wrote:
> Hello Metrics Team!
> I would like to ask a favor, maybe you can help me out with this. I
> am working on establishing tiers of languages for Tor Browser
> support.
> Background information:
> While working at internationalization at Twitter we created tiers
> of languages to define the top ones that translations should
> definitely be at a certain percentage of translation completion at
> all times (i.e. 90% of strings submitted to Transifex are
> translated for language X).
> At Twitter we had Tier 1, 2 and 3. These tiers were created
> according to current users numbers or potential markets we wanted
> to grow in.
> I would like to create something similar for Tor. This will be
> super helpful when we have the website localized and will help us
> build a strategy for releasing new languages etc.
> Right now we are writing a grant proposal that will involve the
> redesign and localization of the website and to have a set of
> languages that we must have translation completed by launch will be
> helpful for the piece of the proposal where we talk about how we
> will be measuring success for this particular milestone.
> These tiers will for sure change over time -- it won't be something
> set on stone, ideally we should keep reviewing them and adapt
> them.
> The Favor:
> Would be possible to have some idea of what are the top languages 
> downloaded for Tor Browser? Maybe take a look on what data we have
> so far, I know we started collecting this on Q4 last year so we
> have some good months of data (or maybe I could be wrong here,
> please let me know).
> Let me know if this is something possible to get. And I apologize
> for asking for this information so close to our deadline (August
> 1st) - I had other deadlines that I was dealing with and didn't had
> the time to reach out earlier. If it's too much, let me know and we
> will try to plan accordingly with what we have.

Sure, I'll take a look!

All the best,

> Thanks again Metrics Team!
> Cheers, Isabela _______________________________________________ 
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