[metrics-team] Looking for information on the number of Tor Browser downloads per language

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Mon Jul 25 23:04:14 UTC 2016

Hello Metrics Team!

I would like to ask a favor, maybe you can help me out with this. I am
working on establishing tiers of languages for Tor Browser support.

Background information:

While working at internationalization at Twitter we created tiers of
languages to define the top ones that translations should definitely be
at a certain percentage of translation completion at all times (i.e. 90%
of strings submitted to Transifex are translated for language X).

At Twitter we had Tier 1, 2 and 3. These tiers were created according to
current users numbers or potential markets we wanted to grow in.

I would like to create something similar for Tor. This will be super
helpful when we have the website localized and will help us build a
strategy for releasing new languages etc.

Right now we are writing a grant proposal that will involve the redesign
and localization of the website and to have a set of languages that we
must have translation completed by launch will be helpful for the piece
of the proposal where we talk about how we will be measuring success for
this particular milestone.

These tiers will for sure change over time -- it won't be something set
on stone, ideally we should keep reviewing them and adapt them.

The Favor:

Would be possible to have some idea of what are the top languages
downloaded for Tor Browser? Maybe take a look on what data we have so
far, I know we started collecting this on Q4 last year so we have some
good months of data (or maybe I could be wrong here, please let me know).

Let me know if this is something possible to get. And I apologize for
asking for this information so close to our deadline (August 1st) - I
had other deadlines that I was dealing with and didn't had the time to
reach out earlier. If it's too much, let me know and we will try to plan
accordingly with what we have.

Thanks again Metrics Team!

Cheers, Isabela

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