[metrics-team] Reply-to setting (was: Python coding style)

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Thu Jul 7 08:11:44 UTC 2016

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On 01/07/16 21:13, Damian Johnson wrote:
> Oops! Didn't mean to drop metrics-team@ from my reply. All our
> other lists set the reply-to to be the list. Odd metrics-team@
> isn't configured that way.

Hmm, do you mean the reply_goes_to_list option?  If so, here's what
Mailman suggests:

> reply_goes_to_list (general): Where are replies to list messages
> directed? Poster is strongly recommended for most mailing lists.
> This option controls what Mailman does to the Reply-To: header in
> messages flowing through this mailing list. When set to Poster, no
> Reply-To: header is added by Mailman, although if one is present in
> the original message, it is not stripped. Setting this value to
> either This list or Explicit address causes Mailman to insert a
> specific Reply-To: header in all messages, overriding the header in
> the original message if necessary (Explicit address inserts the
> value of reply_to_address).
> There are many reasons not to introduce or override the Reply-To:
> header. One is that some posters depend on their own Reply-To:
> settings to convey their valid return address. Another is that
> modifying Reply-To: makes it much more difficult to send private
> replies. See `Reply-To' Munging Considered Harmful for a general
> discussion of this issue. See Reply-To Munging Considered Useful
> for a dissenting opinion.
> Some mailing lists have restricted posting privileges, with a
> parallel list devoted to discussions. Examples are `patches' or
> `checkin' lists, where software changes are posted by a revision
> control system, but discussion about the changes occurs on a
> developers mailing list. To support these types of mailing lists,
> select Explicit address and set the Reply-To: address below to
> point to the parallel list.
> Where are replies to list messages directed? Poster is strongly
> recommended for most mailing lists.

Do other lists set this option to "This list"?  Happy for
metrics-team@ to adapt to make this less confusing for people on other
lists, but is this the right setting?

All the best,

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