[metrics-team] Completing the roadmap document

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Thu Jan 7 09:29:47 UTC 2016

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to complete the roadmap document that we started writing last


I think the main missing pieces are a time frame and a set of goals
that we hope to accomplish by the end of that time frame.

I suggest we use 2016 as time frame.  I also started writing down some
high-level goals.  Note that I tried to write these goals in a way
that they are not product-specific, because I'd rather want to avoid
writing 30 product backlogs there.  Still, grouping goals by product
groups made sense to me, because some goals don't make much sense for
one product group.  Here are my ideas:


# 2016 Tor Metrics Roadmap

## User-facing services run by Metrics Team (Atlas, Check, CollecTor,
Compass, DepicTor, DocTor, ExoneraTor, Globe, Metrics, Onionoo,
OnionPerf, Roster, TorBEL, TorDNSEL, Torperf, Visionion, Weather)

 - Find active maintainer by a) identifying unmaintained code bases,
b) attempting to find at least one active maintainer, c) attempting to
find developer to rewrite code bases that nobody wants to adopt, and
d) shutting down services that nobody wants to adopt or rewrite.
 - Find backup operator to compensate temporary unavailability of
primary operator.
 - Facilitate service replication to handle sudden increase in load.
 - Set up .onion address where applicable.
 - Unify navigation between services and integrate them better into
Tor's main website.
 - Create Nagios checks to quickly learn about problems.
 - Survive reboots without requiring human intervention.
 - Consider fully supporting high security mode in Tor Browser where

## Tools for relay operators (Erebus, Nyx)

 - N/A

## Services designed to be run on behalf of Tor directory authorities
(Exitmap, Guardfraction, OONI, Sybilhunter, tor-hsdir-research, TorFlow)

 - Provide packages for at least one major operating system for all
metrics-related services designed for running on Tor directory
 - Require little to no human intervention during normal operation.

## Developer-facing tools and libraries (hs-health, metrics-lib, Stem,
Txtorcon, Zoossh)

 - N/A

## All metrics-related services

 - Support ed25519 identities in addition to RSA-1024 identities.


Would people be interested in discussing these goals on IRC or on a
pad?  I'd love to hear what I'm missing above, and I'd love to hear
what others think is important and what isn't.

Maybe we can briefly talk about this at today's team meeting, but I
think we'll have to schedule another meeting to talk more seriously
about this topic.

Ideally, we'd publish the PDF as Tor Tech Report by the end of January.

Feedback much appreciated!  Thanks!

All the best,
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