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Mon Mar 23 08:13:16 UTC 2020

#33692: Add Git repository containing lots of large files
     Reporter:  karsten                          |      Owner:  tor-gitadm
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 I have been working on a Git repository that I'm using for running
 integration tests of metrics code bases. That repository contains
 libraries (to avoid downloading them from `dist.tp.o` over and over), a
 given start state (Tor descriptors, files written in a previous
 execution), and an expected results (CSV files, JSON files). Here are the
 current file sizes for testing two metrics code bases (metrics-web and

 || '''Files''' || '''Total size (MiB)''' || '''# of files''' ||
 || Expected results || 313 || 60455 ||
 || Provided libraries || 0.2 || 2 ||
 || Provided state || 626 || 402 ||

 I'm currently hosting [https://github.com/kloesing/metrics-test this
 repository at GitHub], but I'd like to move this over to Tor's Git server
 at some point. The total file size and possibly the number of files are
 what stop me right now. But the repository really belongs on the Tor
 server in some form.

 Do we support Git large file storage or something similar? If so, how do I
 use it? (I never used it before and could try one of the tutorials on the
 internet, but maybe I should pay special attention to something before
 hitting `git push`?)

 Is the number of expected results files going to be problematic? If so, I
 can probably tar them up and un-tar them on disk when running tests. Of
 course, then it's going to be a single binary large file, and when a
 single contained file changes, the whole file changes, too. What's the
 preference here?

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