[metrics-bugs] #33634 [Metrics/Relay Search]: Confusing JavaScript error when entering email address in Relay Search

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#33634: Confusing JavaScript error when entering email address in Relay Search
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 If I enter a relay fingerprint on Relay Search I get all the info about
 the respective relay as a result, great. Now if I enter an email address
 in Relay Search I get a confusing JavaScript message:
 JavaScript Error!

 There is a problem with your javascript environment, you may have noscript
 enabled on the remote onionoo backend. Try temporarily allowing noscript
 to connect to the backend IP address. If the problem persits consult the
 Note, I did not change any of my JavaScript settings between entering the
 fingerprint and the email address: I have it enabled in both scenarios.

 Now, ideally when entering the email address (without the "contact:"
 prefix which makes the whole thing work) that just give me the relay/a
 list of relays with the respective contact info, just like entering the
 plain fingerprint does.

 I am fine if that's asking too much. :) But then at least the wrong
 JavaScript error should get replaced with something more meaningful.

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