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#33549: Simplify logging configuration across code bases
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 We're using different logging configurations in our code bases, some of
 which are broken and others are more complex than we need them to be. Some

  - CollecTor has a shutdown console logger, but it's not being printed to
 anymore since we refactored package names.
  - CollecTor has five separate log files for the modules that existed back
 when we added those log files, but these are not being written to since we
 refactored package names. We also added more modules but did not update
 the logging configuration for them.
  - Onionoo and a few others have a separate error log file which logs only
 ERROR messages, but we're not doing anything with that file.
  - Some code bases have a separate statistics log file that we likewise do
 not pay any attention to.
  - All code bases rotate log files whenever they reach a size of 1 MiB,
 but they do not restrict the number or total size of log files being
 written. It would be easier to handle 1 file per day even if that grows to
 100 MiB or more.
  - There could be a more reasonable default for the log directory than
  - It would be convenient to be able to configure the log level that
 doesn't require providing a full logging configuration, like

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