[metrics-bugs] #33507 [Internal Services/Tor Sysadmin Team]: Deploy new exit scanner and check combo on check-01 using metrics-cloud

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Tue Mar 3 10:42:09 UTC 2020

#33507: Deploy new exit scanner and check combo on check-01 using metrics-cloud
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 This is not the same project as #29650, which was a more ambitious attempt
 at fixing some of the shortcomings of the current setup. Instead, this
 project aims to keep the service running with minimal changes until we
 have more time/funding to take on the increased level of work that would
 be involved for the more ambitious project. For avoidance of doubt, I
 still believe that #29650 is going to be needed soon and is entirely valid
 work for the Metrics Team to do.

 This ticket blocks #29399 which is of a high priority to the sysadmin

 The parts of the existing service that can be reused will be reused, which
 is really just the check application. The check application is written in
 Go and uses local filesystem data sources (which have to be updated by a
 tor client). It has an embedded web server and we reverse proxy this via

 The exit scanner and DNS server were written in Haskell. We can't maintain
 this so instead we are using exitmap wrapped in a Python script to produce
 exit lists compatible with the existing format (i.e. we're not going to a
 new format yet). A second python script runs by cron job to write out a
 BIND compatible zone file, which is served by bind.

 The exact split between Metrics Team and Sysadmin Team responsibilities
 are details in the ops doc for this service (which is yet to be written).

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