[metrics-bugs] #33111 [Metrics/Analysis]: upgrade all metrics hosts to Debian buster

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Thu Jan 30 21:33:22 UTC 2020

#33111: upgrade all metrics hosts to Debian buster
     Reporter:  anarcat           |      Owner:  metrics-team
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 We (TPA) want to upgrade all Torproject.org machines from Debian
 9/stretch ("oldstable") to 10/buster ("stable") by the time the
 "oldstable" release becomes end of life (EOL). This is expected to
 happen somewhere around july 2020, this summer.

 Your team is responsible for these machines relevant for this
 transition, which are currently running Debian stretch:

  * colchicifolium
  * corsicum
  * materculae
  * omeiense
  * oo-hetzner-03
  * orestis

 Would you please review the changes expected to happen during the
 upgrade? You can see a summary of major package changes here:


 and here:


 Let us know if you need an advance notice before we perform the upgrade,
 and how long it should be. If you need assistance or coordination, also
 do let us know.

 Otherwise the upgrade can proceed at any time and will be performed
 before summer.

 (In this specific case, I'm wondering if there are some boxes that we
 should decomission. In particular, there seems to be a lot of onionoo
 boxes in the fleet right now, with more under way (#32268). What's the
 plan for those? Should we upgrade the older boxes or phase them out when
 the new cluster is online?)


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