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#33076: Graph onionperf and consensus information from Rob's experiments
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Comment (by karsten):

 I attached a new set of graphs
 relay-utilization-and-stream-capacity-2020-01-29b.pdf here]. They are all
 cut off at percentile 95, and they all contain the plotted formula in the

 Regarding the `max(rate, burst, observed)` part, I'm worried that this
 number is not very meaningful. In theory, the operator can pick any
 numbers for rate and burst which the relay can never provide. I plotted
 one graph with that number, but I don't think we should use that.

 The `min(rate, burst, observed)` number is what we typically use as
 ''advertised'' bandwidth. Maybe it's sufficient to ignore what the
 operator thought the relay could/should provide and look at observed
 bandwidth only. I included a plot for this, too.

 I recall the peak advertised bandwidth thing we talked about in Whistler.
 It's significantly harder to compute than the current advertised (or
 observed) bandwidth, because we need to include lots of descriptors for
 that. We should pick a formula that we use for all experiments, not just
 for this one. Maybe we can start with the single value and leave it as a
 possible extension for the future to consider a moving window of 30 days.

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