[metrics-bugs] #33008 [Metrics/Relay Search]: Display a bridge's distribution bucket

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Tue Jan 21 08:18:17 UTC 2020

#33008: Display a bridge's distribution bucket
 Reporter:  phw                   |          Owner:  metrics-team
     Type:  enhancement           |         Status:  new
 Priority:  Medium                |      Milestone:
Component:  Metrics/Relay Search  |        Version:
 Severity:  Normal                |     Resolution:
 Keywords:  s30-o24a1             |  Actual Points:
Parent ID:  #31281                |         Points:  3
 Reviewer:                        |        Sponsor:  Sponsor30-can

Comment (by karsten):

 Here are the steps for getting this done (with very rough estimates with 1
 point == 1 workday):

  1. Decide where to add bridge distribution information on Relay Search.
 For example, would we simply want to display something like `"https ip=4,6
 ring=2 transport=websocket,fte,obfs3,scramblesuit,obfs4"`, or would we
 want to structure that information somehow for the user or leave out less
 relevant parts? (0.5 points)
  2. Specify one or more fields to be added to Onionoo's bridge details
 documents, following requirements from the first step above. (0.25 points)
  3. Extend Onionoo to fetch bridge pool assignments from CollecTor, store
 the latest bridge pool assignment for each bridge in its details status
 document, and write this information to the bridge's details document. (1
  4. Add bridge distribution information to Relay Search as specified in
 the first step, using the data from the updated Onionoo protocol version
 as specified in the second step. (0.25 points)

 I can do steps 2 and 3, and irl should do (or review) steps 1 and 4.

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