[metrics-bugs] #27981 [Metrics/Onionoo]: 3 days young relay is not shown in 1-month graph, but in 6-month graph

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Sun Jan 19 10:37:27 UTC 2020

#27981: 3 days young relay is not shown in 1-month graph, but in 6-month graph
 Reporter:  toralf           |          Owner:  metrics-team
     Type:  defect           |         Status:  needs_review
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Component:  Metrics/Onionoo  |        Version:
 Severity:  Normal           |     Resolution:
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Changes (by karsten):

 * status:  new => needs_review
 * component:  Metrics/Relay Search => Metrics/Onionoo


 The issue is that the "1 month" graph has a data resolution of 1 data
 point per 4 hours, but recent relays are reporting bandwidth data for 24
 hour periods.

 In theory, an Onionoo client could look at the "6 month" graph and only
 display the last month. But as mentioned on #28871 this is a rather data-
 centric view and not as developer-friendly as it could be.

 Let's fix this in Onionoo by changing the data resolution of the "1 month"
 graph to 24 hours. The result will be that all relays and bridges will
 have a "1 month" graph for bandwidth again. That graph will be a little
 less detailed for older relays reporting higher-resolution data, but that
 seems acceptable to me.

 Let's also consider providing the same graph periods for all document
 types, also to keep the graphing code in Onionoo clients simple. In

  - Remove "3 days" and "1 week" bandwidth graphs with data resolutions of
 15 minutes and 1 hour. These are only created for older relays, and Relay
 Search doesn't display them anyway. The data will be found in the "1
 month" graph.

  - Add back the "1 month" graph for client documents. We removed them in
 7.0 for redundancy reasons, but it turns out that we should also consider
 easy of client code here. Otherwise, users will next complain about
 missing clients graphs for "1 month". We could just add them back at the
 same time as we make these other changes.

  - Remove "1 week" uptime and weights graph. These are not displayed by
 Relay Search, and their data will be contained in the "1 month" graph.

 This patch should be based on the #28871 patch to avoid more unexpected
 effects like missing graphs that are already contained in other graphs.

 If, for whichever reason, we change our minds later, we can always revert
 this patch and generate the old graphs again. The data will not be lost.

 All these changes require a major protocol update to 8.0.

 Please review
 commit d447fac in my tasks-28871-and-27981 branch].

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