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Wed Feb 28 15:32:16 UTC 2018

#25383: Deprecate stats.html and stats/*.csv files
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 With #25382 soon being merged, we should consider whether we still want to
  - [https://metrics.torproject.org/stats.html specifications of current
 CSV files] as well as
  - CSV files like https://metrics.torproject.org/stats/servers.csv.

 The main reason for removing them from the public interface is to reduce
 future maintenance effort. These files will still exist and we will still
 use them internally, we'd just not make them available for download
 anymore. The reduced maintenance effort mainly comes from not having to
 write similar specifications when adding new pre-aggregated CSV files.

 Note that the data will still be available via the "Download data as CSV."
 links on all graph pages. See #25382 for that.

 What reasons might exist for leaving these CSV files still available. Are
 people using them and cannot switch easily to the new, ad-hoc generated
 CSV files?

 If we decide to take these files down, we'll have to give users a
 reasonable heads-up. 1--2 months seems reasonable. We should announce that
 decision at least on stats.html and possibly in other places, too.

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