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#25274: Consolidate Onionoo's API
 Reporter:  karsten          |          Owner:  metrics-team
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Comment (by karsten):

 Replying to [comment:2 irl]:
 > I've not yet fully considered what this would entail, but my initial
 reaction is that I'm opposed to the idea. I'd like to see aggregated
 documents appear in the future to be able to move that logic into Onionoo,
 for example, and this would make that more difficult.

 Okay, we could change the first idea into consolidating existing document
 types into one and leaving room for adding more document types in the

 > I think this ticket attempts to solve the wrong problem. It's not the
 public API that is difficult to maintain, it's the Onionoo backend that
 should really be using a database of some kind.

 I think that's two different things. Even if we start using a database for
 the backend, we'll have to define an API and write an API layer that then
 talks to the database. Unless there exist libraries or database extensions
 that provide an HTTP API that we can use without or with just minor

 The goal of this ticket was to throw the idea out there and start a
 discussion. I'm not planning to change this in the near future. And even
 when we add the new API, we should leave the old one in place for a couple
 months until clients had the chance to update.

 If you have more time to think about this, I'd be curious what you think
 about the modified idea 1 (consolidate document types) and yet unmodified
 idea 2 (consolidate parameters) above. :)

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