[metrics-bugs] #25196 [Metrics/Statistics]: Cut off recent dates from hidserv.csv

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Fri Feb 9 21:25:23 UTC 2018

#25196: Cut off recent dates from hidserv.csv
     Reporter:  karsten             |      Owner:  metrics-team
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 In [https://gitweb.torproject.org/metrics-
 web.git/commit/?id=8831ecebd4ac186a798c2cb844289ed94318a6ed commit
 8831ece] we stopped cutting off data from CSV files. From the commit
 message: "When graphing data from CSV files it's not our job to make sure
 the data is stable enough to be graphed. That would mean that whoever uses
 our CSV files directly would have to make that sure by themselves. If data
 is too recent to be graphed, it shouldn't be included in the CSV files. As
 a side effect this makes the graphing process a little easier."

 Looks like we should cut off a day or two more from hidserv.csv. I'm going
 to attach a sample graph soon.

 Let's also create new tickets for similar findings.

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